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What Cars Use The 4L60E Transmission? December 31, 2014

An automatic transmission is a type of transmission used by motor vehicles that can automatically change gears while the vehicle is moving allowing the driver to focus on the other elements of driving instead of changing the gears manually. There are many different types of automatic transmissions. One of the most popular ones, especially in…

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What are 3 Common Problems with the 4L60E transmission? December 22, 2014

The 4L60e transmission was developed based on previous Turbo-hydramatic 700R4 automatic transmission. 4L60 was released in 1992 while the electronic version of this popular transmission was released around 10 years later. Today, 4L60e is one of the most popular automatic transmissions in the world and definitely the most popular in North America (USA and Canada).…

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