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Benefits Of 4L60E Transmission January 28, 2015

Many cars in the past have used this 4L60E Transmission in the past, because of the variety of benefits that they’ve gotten out of it. Nowadays too many people begin to retro-fit the cars and vehicles that they own with this type of automatic transmission. There are many particular benefits that you’ll stand to acquire…

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Learn More About 4l60e Transmission Problems January 21, 2015

Of the different car troubles a driver can run into, few are more dreaded than the mechanic’s diagnosis that “the transmission is bad.” With the 4L60E, one of GM’s most common transmissions, this is not quite the death sentence it sounds like. Here’s an overview of some common problems that affect this model and their…

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A 4l60e Transmission Rebuild January 14, 2015

e of the most complex and essential parts in your car is a transmission. A transmission is necessary to change the speed torque ratio. You do this by shifting gears either manually or automatically. As a transmission shifts it delivers increased power to the wheels in an efficient manner. The main reason why car needs…

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Proper 4L60E Transmission Repair Is A Job For Pros January 9, 2015

An automatic transmission is usually a faithful, reliable friend to the driver. Occasionally, transmissions cause trouble, though. This is when an expert’s assistance proves invaluable. Solving problems with the common 4L60E automatic transmission should be left up to a good mechanic. Background On The 4L60E A General Motors product, the 4L60E transmission was introduced in…

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