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How to Break Down Transmission Repair Into Several Steps June 24, 2015

Transmission repairs can be expensive and inconvenient and to an untrained person seemingly impossible to repair. Transmission problems are usually noticed through sounds that have not been heard before while operating the vehicle. These sounds can consist of whining, clunking, or a dull humming coming from your car. If any of these sounds are noticed…

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Where to Find Used Transmissions Online   June 10, 2015

A transmission is a crucial component of your vehicle. When it comes to performing, your transmission provides the power your vehicle needs to get going. When your transmission doesn’t perform, you can expect your vehicle not to run. Transmissions do not last forever. When your transmission is on its last leg or has completely died,…

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Misconceptions People Have About Self-Repair Transmissions June 3, 2015

There are many myths and misconceptions people have about transmissions and transmission repairs, and especially about repairing the transmission yourself. Whether you believe self-repairing your transmission to be too hard to do, or you believe you know everything there is to know about transmissions and can handle yourself, there are some myths that should be…

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