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4 Tools Every Car Owner Should Have May 4, 2016

Random junk all over the place

A junk drawer is exactly as it sounds; a drawer with random stuff strewn about for no rhyme or reason. It can be the only place in someone’s house where pencils and pens, gum wrappers and paper clips can come together, among other silly, stupid items that do not have a real spot to be put in within the home.

The inside of someone’s car can very much feel like a junk drawer. Fast food cups and wrappers, loose change and maybe some cell phone charger cables can be found on the floor of the car. Even in all the little corners and cracks there will be little treasures here and there. Although using the word treasure in the loosest sense here.

A car will have a ton of worthless items in it, but occasionally when cleaning out a car, a driver can find that they had some pretty useful tools. Useful items that were buried under useless items and ones that can be used for all kinds of situations involving the car.

Tools for a car

Walk into any Sears in their automotive section, and you will see the crazy amount of tools that can be used for a car. Not just the typical tools that can be seen in any toolbox, but snow scrapers and some zip ties for such an occasion.

With so many different kinds of tools that a car can use, it is not surprising that people have found each of them to be useful in their own right. After all, a driver should always expect the unexpected on the road. They never know what tool they are going to need, and they never know what kind of situation they are going to find themselves in.

Here are four different tools that a driver can get quite a bit of use out of.

Four essential tool that every car owner needs to keep in their car


The universally, and incredibly flammable, well-known spray will keep gears from squeaking constantly and have certain parts in working order. WD40 will prevent all kinds of random plugs and stops within the car itself. 

A 10mm wrench

Normally any kind of wrench is good to keep in a car, but a 10mm wrench is small enough to reach into those tight spots seen in a lot of cars manufactured in Japan. A small wrench can be useful for other cars too.

Multi-tools/Swiss Army Knife

Having a multi-tool kit or a Swiss Army Knife with a bunch of tools on it will be perfect for any driver. There are sometimes some random tasks that do require a randomly small tool that will be found on a Swiss Army Knife or in a multi-tool kit.

Torque wrench

A torque wrench is absolutely required to change tires out, so it is an absolute no-brainer to have this kind of tool in your car at all times.

Good to have them!

This does not mean that the four listed above are the only tools that are needed for the car itself. Going into any auto tool section at a store or a big shop that specializes in that, any driver can find their own set of absolutely needed tools. It is always good to have a particular set that will get the kind of jobs that driver needs to get done.

Screen Shot 2015-01-11 at 3.09.52 PM

4 Tools Every Car Owner Should Have

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Screen Shot 2015-01-11 at 3.09.52 PM

4 Tools Every Car Owner Should Have May 4, 2016