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A 4l60e Transmission Rebuild January 14, 2015

e of the most complex and essential parts in your car is a transmission. A transmission is necessary to change the speed torque ratio. You do this by shifting gears either manually or automatically. As a transmission shifts it delivers increased power to the wheels in an efficient manner.

The main reason why car needs a transmission is because of the high output that the engine produces for the rotational speed. This high speed is too fast to start the car and therefore you need a transmission with a low gear to get the car initially moving. Therefore simply put, a transmission reduces the high rotational speed of an engine while increasing the power, or the torque, to the wheels.

Over time a transmission will wear out and therefore it will be necessary to do a 4l60e transmission rebuild. A 4l60e transmission rebuild could be necessary because of a variety of reasons. For example, if owner of the car does not change the cars transmission fluid on a regular basis it will slowly damage the transmission.

Another important maintenance tip that car owners need to know is to have their transmission flushed on a regular basis. If you look into most car manuals you will see that this is recommended between every 25 – 50,000 miles. A regular maintenance routine by a qualified transmission mechanic will keep your transmission running smoothly for a long time.

We all know how frustrating it is to have your car breakdown. It always seems to break down at the most inconvenient times and at the most out-of-the-way places. Therefore, to avoid this frustration you need to be cognizant of the miles that you drive in your car. Many car owners keep a log of when they perform various maintenance work on their vehicle.

Some of the more obvious signs that will help you to know that your transmission is having issues are as follows: 1) There is an unusual clunking, grinding, humming noise coming from the transmission when it is in neutral. 2) The transmission slips between gears when driving or it pops back into neutral on occasion. 3) The transmission fluid smells as if it was burnt. 4) The clutch drags when trying to shift and makes a grinding noise. 5) There is a definite delay or delay between gear changes. 6) You notice that your RPMs are higher than normal when ever-changing a gear.

If you find that your transmission is starting to fail or if it has completely failed then your mechanic may recommend that you do a 4l60e transmission rebuild. A rebuild is a viable option especially if the car is running fine and all other aspects. As you will discover there are various costs and procedures that are associated with each transmission model.

The bottom line is that you will save yourself a lot of money and aggravation if you do some simple preventive maintenance on your vehicle. Besides, you want your vehicle to be safe for both you and your family.


A 4l60e Transmission Rebuild

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