The 4L60E Guide



3 Ways to Spot Transmission Trouble June 1, 2016

Car troubles…yay? Buying a new car is a chore, but it is a chore that is very much worth the wait. The new car smell, the new wheel and the way it handles, the overall awesome feeling of finally getting it; it is all an experience. Unfortunately, there is that group of unlucky drivers who…

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4 Tools Every Car Owner Should Have May 4, 2016

Random junk all over the place A junk drawer is exactly as it sounds; a drawer with random stuff strewn about for no rhyme or reason. It can be the only place in someone’s house where pencils and pens, gum wrappers and paper clips can come together, among other silly, stupid items that do not…

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How to Learn More About Transmission Repairs April 20, 2016

“I guess you learn something new every day.” Every day, people all over the world are learning. They are either being trained for that new job that they have been eyeing all this time. There are children in school learning basic grammar and math, among other things. There are experts in all kinds of scientific…

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The History of 4l60e Transmission Problems April 6, 2016

The 4l60e transmission is a creation of General Motors, first developed in 1982, as the company began looking for more fuel-efficient ways to power their vehicles. The “e” in the name represents the full electronic control, which is quite common now but was new and innovative at the time. Changes throughout the Years In order…

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5 Myths About 4l60e Transmission Problems March 23, 2016

When it comes to your 4l60e transmission, it may turn out that some of the ideas you believe about it are just myths! Save yourself money and stress by finding out the truth behind these myths, so that you are well equipped with the facts about your transmission! Once it’s Damaged, it’s Done Just because…

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Ten Tricks for DIY Transmission Repair February 10, 2016

A transmission problem isn’t something that anyone hopes or wishes for, but they are not the end of the world. Transmission problems are known to be costly and tedious, but they don’t have to be if the correct steps are taken. Your first step is to be sure that there is something wrong. If the…

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