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Benefits Of 4L60E Transmission January 28, 2015

Many cars in the past have used this 4L60E Transmission in the past, because of the variety of benefits that they’ve gotten out of it. Nowadays too many people begin to retro-fit the cars and vehicles that they own with this type of automatic transmission. There are many particular benefits that you’ll stand to acquire if you opt out for this particular type of transmission, and some of them are the gas mileage, the performance, and the overdrive.

First of all, will start with the amount of power you’ll be able to wield once you decide to install the 4L60E Transmission. This is a total monster we’re talking about and if you own it you can build it up to handle the incredible level of 650 horse power. The overdrive is quite simply top of the line and because of this it’s a great option for whatever it is that you drive. If you’re searching for affordable factory replacements, or retrofits, then you may check out this particular overdrive transmission. The fact of the matter is, if you begin to use this unit, you’ll learn for yourself the fact that it has an unusually low 3.06 ratio if set in the first gear.

What you want to know is that the overdrive gear for this particular type of transmission will be liable to give you incredible 40% improvement in the field of gas mileage. This is as compared with three-speed automatic. The particular model we’re talking about is 30% overdrive. And with vehicle restorations, improved gas mileage can really make a difference in the end, given the fact that your money is of high value, and you want to get the best you can in their exchange. This goes out especially with the variable prices of gas that are available on the market nowadays.

If you’re in need of the best modification that you can find for the purpose of a restoration or an upgrade to a vehicle is the drive tan. Why is this so? Well, because this single modification will enable you to save quite some money for gas needs, and it will enable you to handle increased levels of power. In the first gear it has a 3.06 ratio, and other models can’t even begin to compare with this. Using a heavier 4L60E transmission will enable you to have added durability, firmer shifts, and some of the time extra towing capacity.

Now, this short article can’t even begin to fully analyze the complexities of the 4L60E Transmission. It would take books to be written on the subject for a more thorough analysis on the subject at hand.


Benefits Of 4L60E Transmission

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Benefits Of 4L60E Transmission January 28, 2015