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Clearing Up The Misconceptions On 4L60E Transmission February 4, 2015

As you may be aware, there are a few misconceptions that continually plague many of the owners and users of 4L60E Transmission, and the potential buyers of this type of transmission. What we like to do with this short article is share a few advices on the subject at hand and clear off some of the misconceptions that seem to envelop this subject. So without further ado, let’s get to it.
There are many questions about how the control of the shifts is handled in a 4L60E, and on the subject as to whether the PCM can be replaced with a vacuum modulator. Well, the simple answer is that the PCM is in fact the part that controls every particular aspect as to how and when the 4L60E shifts, of the lockup, and of the line pressure.

And pertaining to the vacuum modulator, we must mention that it can’t fully replace the PCM. What it can do is to only take over from the PCM the ability to be able to control the line pressures. Moreover, many people would like to know whether doing the “vac mod” will fix their shift timing issue. And the answer to this simple question is no.

Many people thing that shifts are becoming softer after the installation of a converter. Either that or they become slipping. Well the fact of the matter remains that the shifts are the same as they have ever been before the converter has been installed. In fact, if the shifts feel softer, then it may be because of shift extension or looseness of the converters. But the transmission remains unchanged and it’s doing the same as before the converter’s installation.

Yet another unclear bit of how the 4L60E transmission works is whether the increase of the line pressure in the case of tuning is a fine way in which you can firm up shifts. This is indeed the case, but it will come with a price. And the price is a lot of more strain and effort on the hard parts. The pump too will bear a greater load. What we feel is the best way to increase the quality of the shifting is for you to install a shift kit. There are many types of shift kits, but we really have no preference over and single one of them, because most of them seem to be able to quite efficiently perform what they’re designed to do.

These are only some of the many misconceptions and unclear bits on how the 4L60E transmission works. We hope that with this article you’ll be able to clear some of them off and emerge with a deeper understanding on the subject.


Clearing Up The Misconceptions On 4L60E Transmission

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Clearing Up The Misconceptions On 4L60E Transmission February 4, 2015