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How to Extend Your Transmission’s Life April 8, 2015

Your transmission is one of the main components of your vehicle. Without your transmission, you would not be able to shift your vehicle into gear. Transmissions need to be maintained to continue functioning correctly. If your transmission is beginning to fail, it is important to go to the repair shop right away. If you want to extend the life of your transmission, consider the tips below.

Keep Up with Your Transmission Fluid

Your transmission fluid should be a reddish or pink color. When your transmission is nearing the danger area, it will begin to turn brown. Many transmission problems arise because people do not properly maintain the fluid in their transmissions.

You should check your transmission fluid at least once a month to ensure it is not getting dirty. If you do notice it getting dirty, take your vehicle in for a transmission flush.

Have Service Performed

Not everyone knows that their transmission needs to be serviced. It is recommended that you have your transmission serviced approximately every 30,000 miles. If you do not drive that often, you should take it in for services every two years.

When your transmission is serviced, your mechanic can look over your vehicle to ensure everything sounds and works correctly. You can also do repairs yourself using a comprehensive guide.

Stop the Vehicle When Switching Gears

If you have a habit of shifting your vehicle while in motion, you are doing damage to your transmission. It is important that you always come to a complete stop before you shift your vehicle into another gear. You need to especially pay attention when you shift from drive to reverse or vice versa.

When you switch into gear while the vehicle is moving, you are placing unnecessary stress on your transmission.

Avoid Bumping into Objects

If you have the bad habit of knocking into the curb to ensure you are parked in your spot, make sure you break the habit. While a knock here and there will not cause harm to your transmission, repeated and intentional knocks can cause problems with your transmission and weaken the supports around it.

Use Your Emergency Brake

If you need to park on any type of incline, engage your emergency brakes. If you continually park on hills and never use your parking brake, you will experience premature wear on the transmission. Your transmission must work extra hard to ensure your vehicle does not slip when on an incline.

Take Your Vehicle into the Shop Now

If you are experiencing any type of transmission problems, look into fixing your transmission on your own. If using a guide, you can quickly diagnose any type of transmission problem you are experiencing in your vehicle and begin transmission repair.. You never want to put transmission issues on the back burner as they will only continue to get worse and cost you more money to fix.

With proper maintenance, you can extend the life of your transmission and avoid premature failure of the mechanical component. Routine maintenance is essential to the longevity of your vehicle.


How to Extend Your Transmission’s Life

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How to Extend Your Transmission’s Life April 8, 2015