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How To Get The Help You Need To Do A Transmission Repair May 5, 2015

Having a good transmission repair specialist is an important thing that is often looked over by many car owners. There are many reasons you may not have one: your favorite mechanic closed up shop, your local car repair shop specializes in a different area, or you’ve simply never needed one before. Whether you’ve noticed the signs of transmission damage or just want to be prepared in case of an emergency, the following steps can help you find and decide on a good transmission repair specialist.

Word of Mouth

The traditional way of finding a good mechanic or transmission specialist is to ask friends and family you trust. An especially good way to decide who to ask is to find a friend or family member with a similar type of car to you, as some mechanics specialize in car brands or types over others. If a mechanic comes at high recommendation to you, they are likely worth checking out.


Before going to a shop, it is always good to look into them and do research. What information does their website offer? Do they have certification from the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence? How do they rank with the Better Business Bureau? Do they have good customer ratings on internet websites such as Angie’s List and RepairPal, or any ratings at all? Of course, you want to make sure the mechanic offers transmission repairs and replacements if that is the problem you suspect you’re having with your car. Is that advertised highly on their website? They may not specialize in transmissions if that is not the case. A long history of car repair service is also a good idea to look for in a transmission repair service.

Warranties and Services

Another important consideration is what will come with the repair service when you get your transmission fixed. A good transmission repair service will offer a warranty with their transmission, guaranteeing that their product is of good quality and that if anything happens to the transmission because of a mistake, it can be fixed again for free or a reduced price. Some mechanics will offer a general check up of your car as they repair your transmission, to make sure there are not further serious problems to worry about. Additional warranties and services can be a deciding factor when picking an automobile mechanic.


The final thing to consider when finding help for a transmission repair is ease of access to the mechanic. They should be close enough that the travel time to and from the shop doesn’t outweigh the repair time, and it should be easy to return from should the shop require you to leave your car overnight, whether it be by public transportation or simply walking. If you must, you can have a family member pick you up from the mechanic shop as well, but this may not be worth doing if you can find a transmission specialist that is closer to home.

male mechanic working on a car

How To Get The Help You Need To Do A Transmission Repair

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male mechanic working on a car

How To Get The Help You Need To Do A Transmission Repair May 5, 2015