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How Long Should a Transmission Repair Take Me? March 3, 2015

Being without transportation can be difficult, inconvenient, and frustrating, and when time is of the essence you may want to plan out your transmission repair to know exactly how much time it will take. While you cannot predict every problem that may crop up, you can estimate to some degree of certainty how much time you should allow for.


Severity of the Problem


The first thing you need to take into consideration when trying to determine how long your transmission repair will take you is the severity of the problem. Will the transmission need to be entirely removed from your vehicle? Does just one part need to be replaced, or an entire assembly? Is a full rebuild required? If your transmission repair requires the transmission to be removed, you must allow time to remove it and reinstall it, in addition to the repair or rebuild. These steps alone can often take three or four days.


Availability of Parts


This can be a tough one to deal with, because often you have no control over it at all. Once you determine what new parts you need, if they are not easily found, they may add some extra time onto your transmission repair project estimate. You can call around to your local auto parts stores, and if they do not have them, you may want to branch out into calling stores in towns nearby. Check to see if the part is just backordered, or if it is discontinued. If it is in fact discontinued you may need to widen your search to include the internet, and factor in shipping time to your time estimate. Checking ahead of time to see how common your transmission is can help you know if you are going to face any troubles finding parts. If you already know what parts you will need, you can even order them ahead of time to eliminate this problem altogether.


Be Methodical


This can be difficult when you are operating under a time crunch, but working methodically on your transmission repair can save you a lot of time and money in the long run. You may think you know what the problem is, but if you completely rebuild your transmission in a hurry and miss a crack in a part that affects the transmission pressure, you will just be back to square one with a problematic transmission. Taking a little longer on the initial work is much less time consuming than having to redo all the work you have already done. Work carefully and inspect every part you touch closely. Check all the seals you encounter to make sure they do not need to be replaced. When you get to the part that you suspected was causing your problems, take the time to look at how it was working (or not) to be sure that you properly diagnosed your problem. A missed misdiagnosis can mean your transmission repair is not in fact a repair at all, just an unnecessary rebuild. Catching your misdiagnosis while you are still working on your transmission repair can save you many hours of work.



How Long Should a Transmission Repair Take Me?

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How Long Should a Transmission Repair Take Me? March 3, 2015