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Misconceptions People Have About Self-Repair Transmissions June 3, 2015

There are many myths and misconceptions people have about transmissions and transmission repairs, and especially about repairing the transmission yourself. Whether you believe self-repairing your transmission to be too hard to do, or you believe you know everything there is to know about transmissions and can handle yourself, there are some myths that should be cleared up before you begin your DIY repair job.

A damaged transmission is a useless one.

This is completely wrong. Often, damaged transmissions can still be repaired, as long as the damage is not too extensive, which is always the cheaper option compared to buying a completely new transmission. Even professional transmission services, when rebuilding your transmission, will keep some of the original parts if they are still in working order. It is better and cheaper, even if it takes more time, to disassemble the current transmission, replace only the damaged components, and clean and lubricate any still working parts to use when rebuilding the transmission.

My transmission just needs a change of fluid to work fine.

If there are obvious signs of damage such as leaking or a smell, changing the fuel will not fix the problem and may even make it worse. If your thinking is that the fluid is dirty and that is causing the problems, you should make sure there is not a problem with the transmission itself causing the dirt, as attempting to change the fuel if this is the case will likely cause new problems and make the inevitable repair even more costly. Always, the best thing to do is to repair the damage to your transmission instead of hoping it will go away with just a change of fuel. If you are unsure what the exact problem is, consult with a transmission repair professional as soon as possible before you proceed further.

The front of the transmission is leaking, so it must be the front seal that is bad.

There are many, many parts in the front of the transmission, which means there are many places for a leak to occur, not just from the front seal. Automatic transmissions have pumps in the front of them, which has many parts to them such as gears, seals, gaskets, and bolts where leaks can occur, or perhaps your front seal is being damaged by a problem with the torque converter. Always do a full inspection of the transmission before deciding what the cause is, because you don’t want to miss something and have to do a second repair after even more damage has built up.

Maybe I should just have a professional repair my transmission.

If you are not comfortable with your skills as a mechanic, this may be the safest option, but it is not the cheapest. The cost of transmission repairs comes from both labor and parts, and if you get it done professionally, you will be paying for both, whereas a DIY job means you don’t have to pay for labor, saving you money. Do research into self-repair before deciding against it.


Misconceptions People Have About Self-Repair Transmissions

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Misconceptions People Have About Self-Repair Transmissions June 3, 2015