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What are the Phases of a Transmission Rebuild? October 21, 2015

Getting a transmission rebuild can be costly and time consuming. In order to get this done, you must make sure your transmission is in the right hands. You also must make sure that getting the rebuild is the last opinion that you could’ve had. There are other repairs that could be made without needing to have your transmission changed in its entirely. Nonetheless, here are the phases that you will see when getting a transmission rebuild.

The right shop

When it comes to this delicate process, you have to ensure that you’re seeing a mechanic that knows what they’re doing. Think of checking out the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence as well as the Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association to help you locate a certified mechanic in your area. Do your research and make sure to get quotes from different mechanics especially when it comes to costs.

What has to be done

Overall, the transmission will have to be disassembled. This way, the problems that it has will be looked at and evaluated and the parts causing it to not to work properly will be replaced. It’s better with this method since you do not have to install a brand new transmission.

Checking fluid

Before the mechanic can begin to work on the transmission, the fluid must be checked. Fixing this is easy and also affordable, costing less than $100 and can sometimes be done by the owner. A low or faulty transmission fluid can chose some problems. It may cause the car to shift gears or stay stuck in neutral.

Vehicle Computer system

For automatics, this controls the automatic shifting. If the computer is not reading the RPM properly, it can result in hard shifting and transmission slipping. Fixing this problem would also be easy and cheap to do as well. All you’d have to do was replace the sensors.

More checks

The technician will have to do some test driving of your vehicle. Then, after more tests and careful inspection, the transmission is ready to be removed. It is disassembled with each part being further inspected, cleaned and replaced. The gaskets and seals are replaced regardless. After checking the electrical system, more repairs are made and it is eventually reinstalled into your vehicle. There is another test drive to make sure that everything is working properly.

These are the phases of a transmission rebuild. Make sure you are going to a mechanic that knows what they are doing. Also, make sure you have checked to see if the problems with your transmission could have been fixed by you rather than wasting money on replacing your transmission.



What are the Phases of a Transmission Rebuild?

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What are the Phases of a Transmission Rebuild? October 21, 2015