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transmission repair

How to Prepare Your Garage for Transmission Repair July 30, 2015


When it comes to transmission repair, you must prepare your garage for it to be done. You can either do the repairs yourself or go to a dealership or service station. For experts, preparing your garage for transmission repair is a steady job in itself. Transmission repair is a difficult and well skilled process and it must be done accordingly.


Getting started

If you choose to rebuild the transmission yourself, then there are some housekeeping rules that you have to go about to ensure that the transmission rebuild process goes well. Following these simple rules will allow you to fix it and in a good enough environment. There are certain repairs that you can in fact do yourself.


Working with automatic transmissions

These have a lot of parts and are not simple. It is not impossible to fix a transmission on your own. But if you think you can’t do it yourself, it would be best to take it to a shop.



Make sure that your garage is clean. Make sure that the garage door is closed so that there is no wind. Make sure to also turn off any fan. There can be no dust or dirty flying around.



Make sure that you have the right tools for the job. Chances are, these will be expensive tools. If you want efficiency, some of the best tools are of a quality name brand. Have these tools in your garage and have them handy so you can easily get to them later on for the repairs.



Make sure you have a good manual handy. It will help instruct you during the process. This is good since there isn’t a trained professional doing it. But it is better to have a professional book guiding you along the way.


4L60 eguide

This is also a good guide to have. It provides you with information about transmission problems and how to fix them yourself. Here, you have all the information at your disposal and you can easily download it on their website.


These are just some of the ways to prepare your garage for transmission repair. Make absolute certain that you know what you are doing. It is imperative that you keep a clean area so that nothing can further compromise the transmission. Keep your guides handy to help you along and remember to check out the 4L60 eguide for any of your transmission needs.


transmission repair

How to Prepare Your Garage for Transmission Repair

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transmission repair

How to Prepare Your Garage for Transmission Repair July 30, 2015