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Questions to Ask Your Mechanic about Your Transmission Repair October 7, 2015

Even if you know plenty when it comes to cars, there will always be questions you can ask your mechanic to improve upon or expand your knowledge of your vehicle. One common repair of vehicles is the transmission. There are many indications that can identify a problem with your transmission, so it may be hard to discern if that is the true issue. If you suspect that your transmissions needs to be repaired, however, you should have it checked immediately. The transmission in vital to the functioning of your vehicle.

If you are not as knowledgeable about cars, especially with regards to the transmission, then below are some questions to ask your mechanic about your transmission repair.

What is a transmission?

Okay, so let’s start simple. If you know nothing about transmission repair, then you should first ask what a transmission is. The transmission of your car uses gears to take power from the engine to the wheels. To simplify, your car will not move an inch if the transmission isn’t working.

How do I know is something is wrong?

There are many systems that can indicate a problem with your transmission. A problem with your transmission could cause a delay in shifting between gears. If you experience a rough or unexpected shift, then the cause could be your transmission. If you notice your vehicle not accelerating normally, bring it to your mechanic for a diagnostic. The most obvious sign of transmission trouble is if you see red fluid in your driveway. Transmission fluid may be leaking if you experience this.

How much will a repair cost?

A transmission repair may seem like a very expensive repair, but it is not if you ask your mechanic about the work that has to go into the repair. These days, automatic transmissions are extremely complicated units, especially if they are ones with front wheel drive or computerized technology. If you have an older or larger vehicle, the price of the parts for the repair can be very expensive. Furthermore, in order to see what parts need to be repaired or replaced, an extensive diagnosis may be needed, which will cause a greater cost in the amount of labor required.

How can you extend the life of your transmission?

A very good question to ask your mechanic about your transmission repair is how you can extend the life of your transmission and reduce the likelihood of it needing to be repaired. Your mechanic should tell you to have your vehicle’s transmission regularly serviced, about every year or 30,000 miles, whichever occurs first. Checking your transmission fluid regularly to see if the level is low or if any leaks are occurring will also help you stay on top of any potential repairs.

A transmission repair is not a simple or a low cost affair, but it is vital to maintain the functionality of your vehicle. The best resource for all your transmission questions will be your mechanic, they should be able to bring you up to speed with ease. If you wish to know conducted your own research of transmission repairs, however, visit the website for 4L60E Guide today.


Questions to Ask Your Mechanic about Your Transmission Repair

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Questions to Ask Your Mechanic about Your Transmission Repair October 7, 2015