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Is It Safe To Repair My Transmission Myself? April 1, 2015

Working on your own transmission can seem intimidating, but with a little bit of research and a willingness to learn, in many cases it is totally possible to complete your own transmission repair.


Find a Good Guide


The first step in trying to assess a problem or complete any kind of repair on your transmission is to find a good, reliable guide that is comprehensive and easy to understand. The Ultimate 4L60E Guide can help you learn how to navigate your transmission confidently, leading you to faster, safer repairs that you can make to your own vehicle. Relying on your own knowledge and experience can give you a peace of mind that a transmission shop might not be able to, and can save you quite a bit of time and money in the long run. With the widespread influence of the internet, you can also use forums as a helpful tool while completing your repairs; if you run across something in your transmission or in the guide that you do not fully understand, you can ask more experienced repairmen on an internet forum and often have an answer within minutes.


Assess the Type of Repair


The type of repair your transmission needs can have a huge bearing on whether or not you should attempt to repair it yourself. Replacing a solenoid or seal gasket is something almost anyone can do with the help of a good repair guide, such as The Ultimate 4L60E Guide, but for larger repairs you may want to take into consideration how much time you have and the what experience you have working on cars.




While a professional transmission tech might be able to perform a single repair or rebuild faster than an amateur could, they also have other customers, which could leave you waiting days or weeks for your repair. If you are willing to try doing your own transmission repair, you may be able to complete the repair more quickly than a shop could, even if you are learning as you go. A good transmission repair guide can help you complete the repair as safely as a shop could.




Transmission repair can be tricky, and specialized techs sometimes take advantage of that fact by charging exorbitant prices for their work. If you are good with your hands and confident in your ability to learn, using a transmission repair guide to complete your own transmission repair can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Your only expenses will be the cost of the parts and the time it takes you to complete the repairs.


Long Term Benefits


Paying someone to do your transmission repairs solves the problem right now, but knowledge and experience gained are yours forever. Taking the time to use a transmission repair guide to learn how to repair your own transmission now not only saves you time and money now, but can help you identify future problems and prevent them from crippling your vehicle before they have a chance to become huge issues. This can help you ensure the long term safety of you and your family through your familiarity with the vehicle you drive.


Is It Safe To Repair My Transmission Myself?

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