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4l60e transmission rebuild

How to Set a Time Frame for Transmission Repair August 12, 2015

When your transmission has been suffering problems, it is best to get a rebuilt transmission. When going about this process, you have to understand that it may take some time to assess the damage and go about fixing it, even with a highly experienced mechanic. An automatic transmission can be rebuilt in about one day. But on average, it can be from three to four days. So make sure to set a time frame that is comfortable to complete. 

Bench jobs

There are probably only two ways where you can have your transmission built in a day. It can happen if either another automotive body shop has removed the transmission or if you did it yourself. Then it can easily be worked on by the shop you take it to.

At the shop

The transmission problem has to be diagnosed. It then has to be removed, then rebuilt and finally, reinstalled. These won’t take the whole day, but shops tend to schedule one step per day. This way, they can assess the issues thoroughly and not go over the time they told you.

Accurate diagnosis

When it comes to automatic transmissions, it can take more than a day to properly diagnose the problem. Before the transmission can even be determined to be damaged, some of the electrical problems need to be assessed and the origins of the problems traced. This will further help to rebuilding the transmission.

Not Simple

Building a common one would take about half a day. Those rebuilding transmissions will usually take on about two transmission rebuilds a day. European models are much more complicated. These will definitely take an entire day to work on.

You’re causing a delay

If you’re wondering why your transmission repair is taking so long, consider that you may be causing the delay. The technician needs your approval for the necessary repairs. So if you are an indecisive person or it is difficult to contact you, this would obviously cause some delays. After giving approval to a particular repair, your car would be put back into the schedule. But it may or may not be full by the time that you do so.


All four steps could be done completely. However, there is a chance that an internal part can fail. There is also a chance of the employee making a mistake. With a mistake, all four steps would have to be repeated again, causing a delay in the scheduled repair time.

Source of Transmission failure

This is just more than finding and replacing the broken down parts. There can be some simple problems like the miles on the transmission, or a transmission that has taken a lot of abuse. But if there’s a crack where the pressure can be let out, this is much harder to find. So this can be a time consuming process.

So when setting a timeframe for transmission repair in mind, remember that there are different factors that affect how long it will take. There are mistakes that could be made to extend that. So make sure you are going to a trusted mechanic and a well experienced one.

4l60e transmission rebuild

How to Set a Time Frame for Transmission Repair

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4l60e transmission rebuild

How to Set a Time Frame for Transmission Repair August 12, 2015