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Signs that You Need Transmission Repair November 18, 2015

When your vehicle ceases to function properly, the biggest concern you may have is what is wrong with it and how much it will take to repair it. There is no easy way to determine what is wrong when a vehicle is having trouble. Most of the time symptoms can indicate more than one issue and the only way to possibly know for certain is to get an expert opinion or a diagnostic run on your car.

Though it may be hard to know for certain there are still certain signs that you can use to indicate what may be potentially wrong with your car. Certain symptoms may be a strikingly clear sign, while others may just hint at a needed repair. Below are signs that you need transmission repair.

A Burning Smell

If you are experiencing a burning smell, or other sort of foul odor, then you may be experiencing a transmission related problem. If it is transmission related, the smell should be originating from under the vehicle or under the hood of the car. The burning smell could be caused by an overheating transmission due to a lack of transmission fluid, which can result from a leak or a need of replacement transmission fluid.

Check Engine Light

Anytime you experience a check engine light coming on you should immediately get your car serviced. A diagnostic tool can be hooked up to your car to determine why the light is on and from there see if a repair can be conducted. While a check engine light won’t commonly indicate a transmission issue, if you also experiencing any other of the signs, then a serious issue may be occurring with your vehicle’s transmission.

Evidence of a Leak

A clear indication of a problem with your transmission is the appearance of fluid underneath your vehicle. Transmission fluid will be bright red in appearance and may be seen on your driveway. It may be an issue of a leak, or could indicate a more serious repair for your transmission.

Problem when shifting gears

If you are experiencing difficulty or notice something strange occurring when you shift gears, then there may be something wrong with your transmission. You should get your vehicle serviced if you experience any of the following issue with your gears:

  • There is resistance when you are shifting gears.
  • Shifting gears causes shaking or noises.
  • Your vehicle shifts at unexpected times.
  • Your gears are slipping.
  • Your vehicle has difficulty getting up to speed.

Though issues with your gears may indicate more than a transmission problem, you should still get your car serviced as quickly as possible. An issue with your gears can be a major safety concern to yourself as well as those around you. Your vehicle may also be further damaged if you put off getting it checked out.

If you are unsure if the problem with your vehicle is transmission related, then you should still have it serviced as soon as possible. You do not want to put yourself in harm’s way simply because you put off a problem that may have been an easy fix. For more information about transmission repairs, visit the website for 4L60E Guide today!


Signs that You Need Transmission Repair

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Signs that You Need Transmission Repair November 18, 2015