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How To Start With Transmission Repair March 26, 2015

There can be a lot of information to sort through when you start learning how to do your own transmission repairs, but with a few helpful tips and a reliable information source, anyone can learn to work on transmissions. Whether you are learning for your own personal transmission repairs or wanting to make this into a career, the tips below can help you get started.


Find a Good Transmission Guide


This may be the single most important thing you can do when learning to do transmission repairs. Finding a good transmission repair guide, such as The Ultimate 4L6E Guide, can help you learn how a transmission functions and how to address any problems that may arise. A comprehensive guide breaks the transmission down into sections and tells you what each part does, and how to repair or rebuild it.




The internet provides a vast learning and networking tool that anyone beginning in transmission repair should take advantage of. There are numerous forums available on car repairs, and some that are specifically about transmissions. They are filled with people who have done the exact thing you are trying to do now, and many of them are more than happy to help a beginner. You can search a specific question if you have one, and often it has already been asked by someone else and a solution has been provided. If you cannot find where the question has already been addressed, you can join a forum and ask yourself; you can often have answers coming in very quickly from people with more experience who are willing to help.


Learn About Common Problems


While transmissions can have a wide variety of problems, some are certainly more prevalent than others. The first step in any transmission repair is figuring out what is wrong, so knowing what some of the most common problems are can help you get started. Learn to pay attention to exactly what symptoms the car is experiencing to help you diagnose the problem. If the transmission is suffering from a lack of response, has whining or humming, is grinding or shaking, or slips gears when driving, these can all be valuable clues that can help you determine what is wrong with a transmission. Sometimes the transmission will even trigger the check engine light, which a diagnostic tool can help you decipher the meaning of.


Transmission School


If you are wanting to make transmission repair a career or learn better in a structured environment, you may want to consider transmission school. These can usually be found in trade schools and vocational schools, and may also be found in some colleges. Transmission repair school is usually a two year course that requires both written coursework and hands-on learning on several types of transmissions. You can sometimes earn an associate’s degree through this course, which can be a big help when you are looking for a job in the transmission repair field. Many schools will even help with networking and job placement when you have completed the course.

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How To Start With Transmission Repair

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transmission repair photo 5

How To Start With Transmission Repair March 26, 2015