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The History of 4l60e Transmission Problems April 6, 2016

The 4l60e transmission is a creation of General Motors, first developed in 1982, as the company began looking for more fuel-efficient ways to power their vehicles. The “e” in the name represents the full electronic control, which is quite common now but was new and innovative at the time. Changes throughout the Years In order…

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4l60e transmission rebuild

How to Set a Time Frame for Transmission Repair August 12, 2015

When your transmission has been suffering problems, it is best to get a rebuilt transmission. When going about this process, you have to understand that it may take some time to assess the damage and go about fixing it, even with a highly experienced mechanic. An automatic transmission can be rebuilt in about one day.…

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Learn More About 4l60e Transmission Problems January 21, 2015

Of the different car troubles a driver can run into, few are more dreaded than the mechanic’s diagnosis that “the transmission is bad.” With the 4L60E, one of GM’s most common transmissions, this is not quite the death sentence it sounds like. Here’s an overview of some common problems that affect this model and their…

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