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How to Extend Your Transmission’s Life April 8, 2015

Your transmission is one of the main components of your vehicle. Without your transmission, you would not be able to shift your vehicle into gear. Transmissions need to be maintained to continue functioning correctly. If your transmission is beginning to fail, it is important to go to the repair shop right away. If you want…

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Common Failures with 4L60E Transmission February 11, 2015

The world of vehicles and vehicle parts is indeed a complex one. There are many little fine intricacies that comprise this small microcosm. What we like to discuss today though is one particular model of transmission. And this model is 4L60E transmission. There are many benefits of using this particular transmission, and you’ll have made…

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A 4l60e Transmission Rebuild January 14, 2015

e of the most complex and essential parts in your car is a transmission. A transmission is necessary to change the speed torque ratio. You do this by shifting gears either manually or automatically. As a transmission shifts it delivers increased power to the wheels in an efficient manner. The main reason why car needs…

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Basic Steps to Rebuilding the 4L60E Transmission January 7, 2014

4L60 transmission is produced by General Motors. It was first introduced in the public in 1991 and it was later upgraded to electronic (computer controlled) 4L60e version. Today 4L60e is one of the most popular rear wheel drive transmissions and it can be found in different vehicles including lighter-duty pickup trucks and cars. One of…

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