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Ten Tricks for DIY Transmission Repair February 10, 2016

A transmission problem isn’t something that anyone hopes or wishes for, but they are not the end of the world. Transmission problems are known to be costly and tedious, but they don’t have to be if the correct steps are taken.

Your first step is to be sure that there is something wrong. If the telltale signs are there, things such as a burning smell, leaks, trouble shifting gears, etc., it is a good idea to get this checked out. These issues are typical of transmission problems and need to be handled immediately to prevent further damage to your vehicle.

If you are not a mechanic yourself, your best bet is to take it to one. You may decide to use this person to solve the issue, which may be costly. You could also take it in for a maintenance check-up and get their opinion on it as well. This way you can know for sure that it is indeed a transmission issue and take the necessary steps to resolve this problem. After all, it would be a shame to only assume it is the problem and get yourself into a big mess when perhaps the transmission wasn’t the root of the problem. A mechanic’s diagnosis would let you know what you are dealing with before you make any decisions.

If you decide to hand the car over to the mechanic, that is not a bad idea either. That way you know this is a trusted source for car repair and you won’t have to deal with this problem yourself. This is especially helpful if you are not equipped to deal with an automotive issue such as this.

If you are equipped however, you can diagnose this problem and begin taking the steps to resolve it. Little maintenance issues should be checked first, such as transmission fluid levels, as well as oil levels. Even one of these things being off is enough to send everything out of whack. That being said, checking all of these bases is a great way to ascertain that it is indeed a transmission issue.

So you’ve done all of your homework and decided that yes, the transmission is to blame for your car not functioning properly. Now what? Your next step is to decide whether your situation calls for either rebuilding or repairing your transmission. A repair is cheaper, but not always feasible. A rebuild is necessary when there are components that are not there and must be installed. This can be a more difficult fix, but should ultimately fix the problem.

If you decide to take this problem on yourself, a mechanic will still be a nice resource for your questions on the matter. For help with your transmission rebuild, repair, or simple upkeep, consult The Ultimate 4L60E Transmission Guide today. In it are answers to all of your questions and tips for keeping it functioning properly.

The guide is available for purchase or download at for $11.99. This site is also a great resource for users to ask and answer questions.


Ten Tricks for DIY Transmission Repair

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Ten Tricks for DIY Transmission Repair February 10, 2016