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Three Leading Signs You’ve Got a Transmission Issue July 22, 2015

No one wants to hear that their vehicle needs transmission repair or even a replacement. This is one of the most expensive problems that can go wrong on a vehicle! It is also a very common problem, particularly when the vehicle isn’t properly cared for or after the car begins to age. While it isn’t the news that you want to hear, it is essential that you respond to any transmission issues the vehicle has in a timely manner to minimize damage and costs. Many different problems can cause your vehicle to malfunction in one way or another, however, some signs point directly to 4160e transmission problems. It is important that you be able to identify those signs so that you can take immediate action before further damaging the vehicle. Take a look at the top 3 signs that indicate your transmission is in need of a auto maintenance checkup ASAP and do not wait any longer than necessary to have your car inspected by the proper personnel to determine any  problems.


Leaking Fluid

The number one sign that you have a transmission problem is leaking fluid. If you notice fluid leaking from underneath the hood of your car it could very well be transmission fluid that is leaking. When this happens it is a sign that your transmission isn’t up to performance and that a 4160e transmission repair is needed. Transmission fluid, commonly known as ATV fluid, is red in color and has a sweet smell. It is obviously different in both color and texture compared to oil so you shouldn’t have difficulty differentiating between the two. When you notice a leak it is time to take immediate action if you do not want to cause a substantial amount of damage to your vehicle.  Oftentimes leaking fluid is also accommodating by one or more additional signs of trouble.


Loud, Clanky Noises

You’re driving down the street one day when suddenly you hear a loud clunk that you’ve never before heard. It happens when the car changes gears and is usually a sound that serves as one of the most obvious signs of 4160e transmission problems. Sometimes the sound is accompanied by the grinding or jerking noises. The actual type of noise that you’ll hear will vary based upon the type of vehicle that you own, but it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll know the noise as soon as you hear it.


Grinding and Vibrations

When you drive the vehicle is supposed to provide you with smooth sailing. When the car is grinding, jerking or making noises and vibrations that affect this ‘smooth sailing,’ it is highly likely that the transmission is the culprit of the problem.  The worse the problem becomes the harder the vehicle will be to drive and the more noises and hesitations you’ll experience. This is the third leading sign that you’re in need of 4160e transmission repair as quickly as you can get the vehicle into the shop. These noises and knocks aren’t only annoying; they’re very damaging to your vehicle.


Three Leading Signs You’ve Got a Transmission Issue

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Three Leading Signs You’ve Got a Transmission Issue July 22, 2015