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Three Sure Signs You Need to Repair Your Transmission May 27, 2015

The longer you wait to get your transmission repaired, the more costly the repair will be to your wallet, as a transmission repair might become a transmission replacement if too much time and damage has built up. How do you know when your transmission needs to be checked, though? What are the first signs you need to watch out for? There are three major factors to watch out for in your car, and the sooner you catch them, the better it will be for your car and your wallet.

Strange Sounds and Problems When Shifting Gears

Because your transmission is directly linked to the gears in your car, one of the first signs to appear is problems with shifting gears. If there is hesitation or stubbornness when putting your car into gear, jerking when the gears shift, or if the gears shift or fall out without your doing anything to them, this is a major problem that shows you need to go to a transmission repair specialist. These problems may be connected with strange sounds, such as a grinding and grating sound if your car has manual transmission, or a shaking sound if your car has automatic transmission, something may be worn inside your transmission and it may be time for a car check-up. Connected to this is if your car whines or buzzes while driving or in neutral, though this is not necessarily an issue with the transmission, but could be a problem in another area of the car.

Strange or Leaking Transmission Fluid

It is a good practice to check for transmission fluid in your driveway when your car has been sitting in it for awhile. Leaks left unchecked can cause damage within your transmission, but it’s also a chance to see what the transmission fluid looks like. Proper transmission fluid smells sweet and looks bright red, but fluid from a damaged transmission can look cloudy, dark, or smell burnt. This can be a sign of serious trouble within your transmission that needs repaired as soon as possible.

Unusual Burning Odor

When the transmission gears within your car overheat from friction, what results is a terrible burning smell that you can catch as you leave your car. While friction between anything is normal, overheating from it is not, especially to the point of burning, which will cause serious and possibly irreparable damage over time. Whenever a burning smell comes from your car, no matter if you can see any other signs of transmission damage, you should take your car to a transmission repair specialist to get it checked.

Where to Get Your Car Looked At

Your local auto repair shop is a good place to find a transmission repair specialist who can tell you exactly what the problem is with your car and how bad the damage has become. It is also possible to check your transmission yourself if you’re good with cars, but it never hurts to get a second opinion from a professional if you can.


Three Sure Signs You Need to Repair Your Transmission

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Three Sure Signs You Need to Repair Your Transmission May 27, 2015